IOMED® Phoresor II Auto PM850 Dose Controller System


In 2009 the IOMED® Phoresor® Units PM 900 and the Phoresor® II Auto PM 850 we discontinued.  Below is our Balego replacement unit.

ActivaDose® II Dose Controller System

$599.99 $359.95
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ActivaDose® II Dose Controller System

Balego replacement for the IOMED® Phoresor II Auto PM850 Dose Controller System The  ActivaDose® II  has two controls to...


  • Fully Programmable
  • Dose range: 0-80 mA-minute
  • Current range: 0-4.0 mA
  • Constantly displays dose delivered, remaining treatment time and current setting
  • Includes twin lead wires, two 9-volt batteries, carrying case and instruction guide.

The PM850 allows the user to deliver a specific dose from 0 to 80 mA-minutes and to control the current from 0 to 4 mA. Simply select the dose and set the current; then start the treatment. The Phoresor II Auto automatically calculates required time for the selected dose, even if the current setting is changed during treatment. Current ramp-up and down, shut-off, error messages and safety checks are also performed automatically. The built-in option for manual current shut-off is an added safety feature. The large display provides a continuous update of dose delivered, time remaining and current setting.


  • Dose Range - 0 to 80 mA-minutes
  • Current Range - 0 to 4.0 mA (constant current; 0.1 mA increments)
  • Maximum Voltage - 80V DC
  • Display - Dose, Time Remaining, Current (displayed simultaneously with interactive set-up)
  • Current Ramp Up - Automatic (0 to 4.0 mA; built in option for manual override)
  • Current Ramp Down - Automatic at end of treatment (built in option for manual override)
  • Controls - 2 (dose and current)
  • Pause Feature - Yes
  • Low Battery Light - Yes
  • Open Circuit Light - Yes
  • Audible Alerts - Yes
  • Battery - 1 - 9V (1604A/6LR61)
  • Battery Life - 50 - 60 treatments (40 mA-minutes each)
  • Accessories - Twin lead cable, batteries (2), carrying case, instruction guide, warranty card
  • Warranty - 1 year (limited)
  • Includes TL7 snap style twin lead cable

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